Moon-Walk of North Texas, Inc.

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*Maximum riders based on average size 5 year old.

Moon-Walk Mountain Splash
Size: 25'L x 12'W x 16'H
Moon-Walk Moon-Walk
Size: 20' x 20'
Maximum riders: 10-12

Moon-Walk Obstacle Course
Size: 38'L x 13'W
Giant Slide
Inflatable Pirate Ship
Size: 20' x 40'
Maximum riders:7-10

Star-Walk Star-Walk
Size: 20' x 20'
Maximum riders:10-12
Dome-Walk Dome-Walk
Size: 17' w x 17' l x 18' h
Maximum riders: 7-9

Kiddie-Walk Sir Bounce-a-lot
Size: 15' x 15'
Maximum riders: 6-7
Sports Jump Sports Jump
Size: 15' x 15'
Maximum riders: 6-7

Monster Truck Monster Truck
Size: 15' x 15'
Maximum riders:6-7
Star-Castle Star-Castle
Size:20' x 20'
Maximum riders:10-12

Giant Slide Giant Slide
Size:30' l x 20' w x 22' h
Bungee Run Bungee Run
Size:11' w x 35' l x 7' h

Texas Water Slide Texas Water Slide
Size:30' L x 11' W
When the Texas heat gets to be too much to take, cool your party off with this giant water slide!

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